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Aromatherapy Consultation and Massage

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After our consultation I will blend your own personal healing blend which I will use in your massage to relieve tension and stress from your muscles,and calm your mind. More Information

You know how good you feel after walking through the forest or spending time in a peaceful 

garden? That is because you are receiving so much oxygen and prana (energy) 

from the trees flowers, plants rain, and sun.When plants and trees are growing 

they are absorbing all the natural life forces and prana energy from their environment 

By the miracle of nature they grow into a sacred  plant that has 

its very own healing essence.This essence is distilled from the 

plants and flowers into precious essential oils.

When oils are applied to your skin they oxygenate every living cell in your body. 

 They bypass the blood brain barrier and within 12 seconds are absorbed 

into your blood stream ,where they begin to balance and heal your body.

The are so many different essential oils that give their powerful healing properties

 in keeping our bodies and minds healthy, . They work from the inside out to 

create inner beauty and can be used in all areas of our lives ,

In your Aromatherapy massage you will be in a comfortable room with 

soft light and the relaxing aromas Before we start we will have a consultation and 

based on that I will then blend your own personal blend which 

I will use in your aromatherapy treatment.You will instantly begin receiving 

the healing and balancing effects as your muscles and nervous system are relaxed and soothed

Tension and stress just melt away as you breathe the relaxing aromas and soak in the power of nature.

If you wish you can take the wonderful relaxing experience home with an

 additional bottle of your own personal blend that can be applied in the 

 morning after showering or at night before bed giving you all the benefits throughout your day.

 Aromatherapy consultations also on Skype Collette.taaffe1

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