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Lymphatic activation &                 Massage  

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When a river is flowing freely the water is clear and fresh like a crystal. If the river,s flow 

becomes blocked by wood or leaves or dams built by beavers , the water cannot 

flow and it becomes stagnant , infested and unhealthy.

The exact same thing happens in our lymphatic system. |That is why lymphatic massage 

is so vital for keeping our bodies healthy and protecting us against disease .

It is especially good to have a lymphatic massage if you are detoxing, recovering 

after an illness after physical injury, surgery have inflammation or part of a healthy lifestyle.

Your whole body will benefit from it a as it speeds up the healing and is a 

wonderful way to boost your immunity keeping your body healthy .

 In a lymphatic massage session you will have all the major lymph ducts 

opened and cleansed and I will teach you the cleansing breath to 

keep your lymph flowing between sessions.A single session is 

wonderful and the best results are received with a series of 5-10 treatments.

     For appointment call

0851586140 Dublin Ireland

[ Packages available at discounted price.]